How to do fake bank alert in Nigeria 2020

How to do fake bank alert in Nigeria with the best Fake Balert app 2020, There Are Many Apps And Websites through which One Can Hack Bank accounts. While some Bank Hacking apps like Oracle2000, Cardro Pro and others operates and function locally but XDOLTE works Globally. 

You may have Learnt about Many Universal Hacking Softwares but XDOLTE is one best mobile app almost all the bank hackers in the world uses. This Fake  Bank alert app will enable you make more money, not just for fake bank credits but you can also use it to hack credit/debit cards anywhere in the work and bypass OTP verification.

By Now, You should Be wondering What’s XDOLTE and How exactly this software works. In this post, I will be showing you everything you need to know about this universal bank Hacking Software.

What’s XDOLTE and How does It Work?

XDOLTE is a Universal Bank Hacking Software which makes it easy anonymously stealing other peoples bank details without notice.

Not just that. After stealing these details such as card number, Cvv, expiry date and Card pin, XDOLTE still makes it possible withdrawing from stolen card details.

The Mobile App got Multiple hack related functions such as listed below.


This is one of the very First Feature which makes it easy for you to transfer money from any stolen credit or debit card details without OTP.

Yes: It’s Very Sure, easy and possible using XDOLTE. You can make unlimited bank transfers without OTP verification so long you’ve got the card details available. Have You stolen some card details looking for ways to cash them out? XDOLTE is the perfect software for use.


minus Other Additional Features, XDOLTE gives you free random Cards which you can use for shopping on any website online both locally and internationally.

All you need is Just select card for shopping option and it will give you the credit card details. You keep getting more and more active cards when page is refreshed. Card details are unique to every XDOLTE member. Which means card displayed to you for use are different from what other XDOLTE users get from their own software.

You Can get unlimited card details here to buy things online and you can also sell card details to people who needs. (more money making opportunity).


Another big feature of XDOLTE which enables you to flash Funds to any Bank account. With this function, you can send Fake Bank Alert to any Bank account and get their banks updated with the exact amount you Flashed.

This balance added as a result of your flash will be cleared after 24hrs. You can make good money sending fake bank alert. On the software, there’s a quick guide on how to make over $10000 monthly sending fake alerts. If you follow and explore the guides you can earn more than.

There Are Many Other Ways Through Which You can Hack Bank Account But the risk involve is high. So XDOLTE is made to reduce the risk of stealing money from other peoples bank without fear of getting caught.

Right on the App, before You access there’s automatic IP changer which makes it difficult tracking your location.

XDOLTE have over 200 IP location and once your auto IP is turned on, Your location keep changing every 2 minutes

How to Buy XDOLTE – Bank Hacking Software

XDOLTE have different Purchase Plans. You can place order for any of the available plans below.

Xdolte best bank Hacking software

Xdolte best bank Hacking softwareHow to do fake bank alert in NigeriaAs soon as order is completed successfully, you will get your unique download link.

You Can also >>CHERE<< to contact Us and place your order directly.

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